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Appetizer #22: Ticketed Virtual Magic Shows

Jonah is going to give you five reasons why you may want to do your very first ticketed virtual magic show

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Magician Appetizer #14: Improving Virtual Production Value

Just started performing virtual shows? Have a few under your belt? Looking to improve your setup? This week, Jonah sits down to give you some simple tips on how to improve your virtual and physical performing setup. 

Looking to learn more about what Jonah touched on this episode? 

Sign up for Jonah’s free webinar on July 8th, 2020 at 8pm EST where he’ll lead you through using ECamm Live. Note: ECamm Live is only available for Macs, but Jonah will touch on alternative software. 

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Magician Appetizer #13: Testing Virtual Material

This week, Jonah sits down to give you a tip on how to practice your material for virtual audiences.

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Magician Appetizer #12: The Best Investment During a Recession

While it might be a short one this week, Jonah has packed this episode full of advice on how to continue growing your business during these times. 

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Magician Appetizer #11: Virtual Magic

This week, Jonah serves up a bite-sized episode on virtual magic shows.

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The Magic of Collaboration with Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood joins Jonah this week to talk creating content, finding a niche, and failing until you succeed. If you’ve searched for magic on YouTube, there’s a good chance you’ve come across Brian’s channel Scam Nation. Alongside being a YouTuber, Brian is a magician, a podcaster, a comedian, and an author – really, he just loves to share stories. 

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