This week Jonah connects with magic inventor and creative genius Tobias Dostal. Tobias is creating stuff that is not unlike anything you have ever seen before with tricks like Silhouette, Ping, and Stay Cool. In this conversation Tobias shares with Jonah his background in visual arts, his love of photography, and how he was able to use his unique background and interests to carve a new path for magic for everyone. You’ll learn about how to create, how to get inspiration, and what to do with a studio, with deadlines, and limitations. 


Endless Chain

John Steiner. An amazing magician who currently lives in Spain. An elegant magician with sleight of hand that is really well thought through. He’s never satisfied with routines and is always searching for the perfect thing.

What do you like about modern magic? What do you not like?

While attending conventions Tobias is amazed at how many more women are involved in the magic scene. 

Tobias thinks people should find their thing and take their thing rather than using styles and creations by other magicians. 

Take home point

It’s great if you look for new magic tricks that aren’t classics. Leave your house without the deck of cards. 


Tobias has a gallery at KWADRAT Berlin:

You can also learn more about Tobias at

And follow Tobias on instagram at @tobias_dostal

And check out his gumroad listing at

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