Jonah connects with Kim Andersen, a comedy magician from Denmark who has created some unforgettable magic products. In this conversation he’ll share with Jonah how he found himself immersed in the Danish magic scene, how he found himself creating content for his own television show, how he goes about challenging himself to keep creating, and why he always carries coins into the shower.


Endless Chain

Jan Hellesøe is one of the biggest mentalists in Denmark with heaps of tv shows behind him and works closely with big magicians and theatre as a builder.

What do you like about modern magic? What do you not like?

Does not like the piracy of magic content. Folks should respect creators more. Creating magic will only continue if people actually get credited and paid for what they do.

That said, Kim really appreciates the internet. It’s been one of the greatest tools to learn magic and network with other magicians. 

Take home point

Have fun and play.


The best place to reach out to Kim is through instagram: @kimander5en

You can get Silver Edge 1 & 2 at 

You can find his Penguin live lecture over at

And you can find his product, Shrapnel, almost any place where magic products are sold!

Finally, you can learn more about Magic Beep by visiting

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