Jonah was invited onto the Of Sleights and Men podcast to talk about running his various businesses and the balance between his love of magic and his love of entrepreneurship. This episode is just a highlight of his full conversation with podcast hosts Benji and Jacob. Check out the Of Sleights and Men Podcast for the complete interview.

The Toronto Magic Company

Jonah opens up about the founding of the Toronto Magic Company and how it fits in with Discourse in Magic and his career as a magician. He pulls back the curtain to give an insight into how the business operates and the challenges he’s had to overcome with running three ongoing businesses at the same time. You’ll get to learn about the origins of the company and Jonah’s inspirations.  

The Love Of Entrepreneurship 

Jonah’s first love has always been magic but he shares with the Of Sleights and Men podcast how that love has changed over the years to prioritize the love of entrepreneurship and operating his own company. Through that love of entrepreneurship Jonah has learned important lessons about input and results and opens up about how much his process has changed as a magician. 

The Value Of Magic

That said, Jonah still knows that magic is fun and magic is a release for a lot of people. He talks about what it’s like to live in a space where art is valued and the value that magic and performance plays in society. We are serving a need and making people happy and that is real and valuable and important and Jonah is happy to share that journey with people.

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