Today’s monthly episode is a 1 am Q&A Episode, with Discourse in Magic: Nights. There was a lot of questions this time, mostly from the mailing list, sorry if they didn’t get to your question. Get on the Newsletter by clicking here, to be in contact with Jonah and get your questions answered next time

In this episode they talk about the state of magic, their favourite magicians, incredible recourses, advice and getting better, secrets to booking gigs, character advice.

They’ve received over 35 questions, and many even came in after the episode was recorded, and we will get to those questions in the next episode with Tyler and Jonah.

Then, in an amazing twist, the boys ask each other questions. Tyler wants to know What the
best way to have all the secrets and not be an ass for not sharing them? Jonah feels very
torn, but if he makes it more about the character, method and experience, then it doesn’t

He then asks Tyler what he does when he doesn’t feel like he’s progressing fast
enough, where he obviously replies that he uses the handy Discourse in Magic Website
whenever he’s stuck in a rut (but he’s also cool with growing at his own pace) and hanging
out with magic friends helps.

We love getting your questions, so keep asking them for future episodes!

Also leave a comment somewhere if we got to your question… Let’s keep up the Discourse in Magic

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