David Peck is a Toronto magician who specialized in manipulation. He is now a speaker, a writer, and a mover and a shaker in the world of social change. You may recognize him from his Face 2 Face podcast.

His introduction into magic involved being astounded by strange tricks from the community and his uncle. He became extremely intrigued by it all and once he received his first magic kit from his parents and he started to spend a lot of time in the magic stores around Toronto.

David then went on to become a kid’s magic performer and becoming a real member of the community by joining magic clubs. He learned magic from all parts of his community, including the customers and owner of the magic store he worked at, developing his manipulation technique from Herb Morrisey of Morrisey’s Magic

He then went on to learn – and later teach – philosophy, writing papers on astonishment and captivation. Moreover, he started using magic in his lectures to further develop his abilities, preferring to bring emotion and story to his performances.

This then starts the conversation on how magic affects people, and what makes it inspiring.
“Is it magic, or is it just card tricks?”. Our put differently, is there any way to use this wonderful thing we have called magic to make a difference in the lives of the people around us.

The answer is YES, and David Peck has done it!

Many hears ago he and Matt Disero created the Mosquitos Suck tour, to raise money and awareness on
malaria, and he talk sall about the process in this episode. His podcast, Face 2 Face (which is in its 385th episode!), also helps by being a “Weekly podcast about wonderful people doing wonderful things”. Promoting the importance of making every moment count.

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