In this episode Tyler and I sit down with Caroline to chat all about everything it takes to build a community and following.

Caroline Ravn is the queens of outreach. In the episode she gives us tips about how to get published in an article.

Want to hear how to do it?…. You build a friendship with people in charge, you pitch them stories of your fantastic life, and you reach out to them with deadlines to take on your new stories?

One more thing….

When they ask for an interview they are going to want to come to YOUR HOUSE. Make sure there are cookies in the oven. Something so simple swill translate into the best articles written about you!

On top of doing a great job for print media, her social media is on point as well. Mainly Instagram.

The keys to Instagram are a little bit different. Daily photos, fan engagement,  and sharing the amazing work of her peers. Hard work!! But clearly it pays off!

Caroline is storming through magic and laying her path in the process! She’s seems to be doing what everyone else is doing except faster and better.

Make sure to check out her social media below, particularly her Instagram!




Website (in english 🙂 )

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