If you don’t know who Asi Wind is, I recommend stopping the podcast episode and checking him out.

Google, or Youtube or whatever. You’ll find him..

Not only has he released incredible effects that have ROCKED the magic community like Double Exposure, Catch 23, and more recently Gypsy Queens but he is also a leading magical thinker.

Thankfully I was able to spend some time with him at the 2015 Motor City Magic Convention, and Sorcerers Safari!

Bot otherwise not a ton of places online to show how great his non-method brain is eh?…….

******Cue the Discourse in Magic Intro Music*********

If you’re even somewhat cultured and up to date with magic and you watched the recent David Blaine special you might have seen Asi in it. Not just his face, but you could see Asi’s fingerprints in a ton of Davids work too. Especially on some late night TV, and promo for the recent special!

In this episode of DIM we cover many topics but the plot that holds true for the full episode is “sincerity“. It took just one example to make it clear.

To paraphrase: ‘ If you think the weight on the ink of a card isn’t an interesting plot, why do you think your audience does’.

What Asi shares is that it’s important the we respect our audience. Respect them by performing things that we enjoy, and that resonate with us! People come to the theatre to see YOU and YOUR SHOW. Which means they care about what YOU are interested in.

Why do an invisible deck like hundreds of others?

More than anything his mentality shines through in his magic and other hobbies: “be a student forever”. If you think you know everything about magic right now, it’s time to think again.

Finally Asi gives us some snips from his upcoming book. (That’s right! Asi is coming out with a book soon!).

If you want to check out some of his products you can here: https://www.artofmagic.com/products/asi-wind






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