We start episode 127 by catching up with Tyler and Jonah. While Tyler hasn’t been performing much practical magic, he has been developing his video and editing skills. Meanwhile, Jonah’s month was steeped with magic. He recently finished his summer tour and had the chance to visit L.A. to perform some intimate closeup shows. Jonah also had the chance to visit the Magic Castle where he saw Laura London, Rob Zabrecky, Nick Paul, Jon Armstrong, and Karl Hein perform. After returning from L.A., Jonah performed at another sold-out Art of Magic show.

Picking up from where they left off in episode 125, Tyler and Jonah continued to answer listener questions.  

Getting Gigs and Followers

Listeners had an interest in learning how to land their first few magic gigs. Jonah recommends finding the kind of gigs you want to do and performing at them for free. Whether you want to perform on stage or in an intimate closeup environment, Jonah says to focus on collecting photos, videos, and testimonials that you can send to potential clients. From there, you should focus on building a website and ordering business cards.

One listener asked about how to gain followers on social media. Tyler and Jonah both agree that you need to post interesting content every day, referencing Glenn West’s 365 challenge as an example of how one can grow their following with limited resources by posting once a day.

Loving your Art

The next question involved how to keep magic a joy and not a job. Jonah says to keep magic a joy, you have to enjoy what you’re doing. If performing and getting people to laugh is where you find joy, maximize that. If learning and creating new tricks is your joy, then being a creator or consultant may be a better route. Tyler adds that you should take time to explore your other interests. If you find yourself being drawn back to more magical things, then pursue them. Tyler continues with the idea that you may just be tired of what you’re currently doing, and should look into new experiences with the art.

Another question asked about what pushes Jonah and Tyler to continue practicing, performing and thinking about magic. Jonah sees magic as a hobby he loves and would move on it if he lost the passion completely. He goes on to explain that his love for magic is constantly changing based on his current motivations to perform. Tyler sees his passion stemming from his puzzle-solving mentality and being able to show people what he wants them to see.

Where to Begin with your Magic

Some listeners had an interest in learning where to begin with getting into magic. Jonah recommends finding tricks you want to perform and discovering the moves you need from there. He recommends attending your local magic store, looking at free resources, and following Youtubers like Alex Pandrea and Jay Sankey. Tyler reflects on when he was learning and wishes that he had spent more time learning how to perform alongside sleight of hand.

In answering a question about finding a mentor, Jonah reminds listeners that not everyone wants to teach. You can reach out to someone and be a great fan, but ultimately it’s up to the person. Tyler recommends making a connection and making your interest clear.

For books on scripting, Jonah refers to Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber and Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz.

The State of Magic

In response to a question about the seeming lack of magic in magic due to social media, Tyler sees magic as undergoing a change that relies less on a character and more on people creating the online content that initially inspired them. Jonah mentions that there such is a rich diversity in magic nowadays that you can find the kind of magic you want to see. Jonah sees people as carving out their own versions of what magic is to them.

To anyone who feels like they’re focusing on the end rather than the moment, Jonah suggests slowing down to stretch out that magical moment.

We love getting your questions and plan to do more Q&A’s in the future.  Send us your questions or message to discourse@discourseinmagic.com or contact us through Instagram.



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