It’s episode 105 and time for another solo chat between Jonah and Tyler. It’s been a month since our heroes sat down for one of these. Jonah had a ton of show throughout March with the Toronto Magic Company. Newest Trick in the Book is now a weekly show every Tuesday which is something that Jonah is really happy about. He continues to work on his time machine phone bit and has an idea of incorporating a “magical” amulet in one of his routines.

The Discourse in Magic T-shirt is now available. There are about 70 of them left and once they’re gone they’re gone for good. It’s the perfect attire for the upcoming Browser’s Magic Bash that starts April 21st. Browser’s is an incredible shop and an important part of the Discourse in Magic mythos. The boys are always legitimately amazed when they run into someone wearing the shirt.

Ben Train recently lent the book Philosophy Bites to Jonah. Originally a podcast, the book features short words of wisdom from ancient and contemporary philosophers. It occurred to Jonah that something similar would be awesome for Discourse in Magic. There have been so many incredible magicians giving incredible lessons throughout the previous 105 episodes. Jonah is stoked about the idea so message him if you like the idea.

Tyler has started scripting his new show. It’s all about where he is in his life and why he has chosen to create a show at this point. The end point reveals that its not about what you say you are. It’s about what you do. What you choose to put into the world. Tyler didn’t want magic to define him but it ended up doing just that because he devoted so much time to it over a decade.

Jonah has booked some incredible magicians for the future episodes of the podcast. He has a list of people that he wants to get on the show before it ends. Several of them have agreed to appear on the show in the coming months!

Listener Quinn Winters (amazing name) sent in a question for. He noticed that both Jonah and Tyler have math backgrounds, as have many of the guests on the podcast. Quinn wonders why there seems to be such a natural connection between math and magic. Jonah thinks it’s because of the close relationship between math proofs and magic tricks. They both use things that you know to prove things that you didn’t know. The formula is the same. The difference is that one of the things along that chain in magic isn’t actually true. Figuring out math problems and magic tricks are very similar, especially for a young kid.

The boys end the episode with some final thoughts.  Tyler encourages everyone listening to visit there local magic shop this week.  Jonah issues a challenge to the audience to build a magic prop from scratch this week.  Will you accept it?

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