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Approaching Magic With Innovation With David Regal

This week Jonah connects with David Regal to discuss writing magic for television and the innovative ways that David approaches magic.

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Creating Magic Adjacent Content with John Gaspard and Jim Cunningham

This week Jonah connects with John Gaspard and Jim Cunningham, the minds behind Sunday Night Magic and the Eli Marks series of mystery novels

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Throwing Away Your Stock Lines with Ryan Kane

Jonah is joined by Ryan Kane, author of “Out of Stock: A Magician’s Guide to Writing Your Own Lines”, where they talk about the importance of writing your own lines when performing your magic

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Magician Appetizer #3: Sitting Down to Write

Does the blank page scare you? Do you constantly find yourself deleting and retyping the same thing, only to repeat the process? Do you wish the computer could just read your mind and write the script you want for you? 

In this bite-sized episode, Jonah addresses writer’s block and offers an easy strategy to start writing your magic script. 

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F**k Fear with Adam Rubin

Jonah sits down with Adam Rubin this week to discuss creativity, writing, and applying magic to other aspects of your life. Alongside being a magician, Adam is the Director of Puzzles for Art of Play, a #1 New York Times best selling picture book author, and an ex-creative director in advertising. 

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