In this episode, Jonah slides over to the other side of the couch so that he can pair with Ben Train and talk about the birth and the growth of the Toronto Magic Company. It start with the story of how TMC began. Like all projects there are ups and downs, but from the episode hopefully you can learn from our mistakes and make less of them.

We’re living in the golden age of live magic, so if you haven’t begun yet, find a way to get on stage and start performing!

The TMC boys have been working super hard lately as they taken on a new project, and a new type of show. They have recently just finished their first The Art of Magic show, it went very well. But now they’re back with a vengeance for their next Art of Magic show, upping the production value and fixing the AC. Tyler asks about how the show was so successful, and how they made it look so gosh darn good.

Jonah and Ben make many mistakes, and they tell you how not to do the same. They also talk about how to create a system and the importance of reducing problems when running many shows a month. Some weeks TMC produces as many as 5 shows in the week. So they’ve had to learn, and learn fast. Especially with the Newest Trick in the Book show, which happens every Tuesday and features different magicians trying brand new material.

This episode feature’s Bens personal formula to success: Cameras! And how he made his tricks and shows better by looking back at them. 

Listen as friendships blossom and crumble in debated about the Toronto Magic Company. Jonah and Ben also talk about what went well with their projects pre-TMC, and working past the issues from the ones that don’t go so well. From all of this, the boys stay friends while still running a Magic Company and putting on shows together. And Jonah wrote a good joke!

Tyler asks Jonah and Ben about their past and current shows, and how they’ve contributed to the magic community. With their current Art of Magic shows being the most popular, they talk previous shows successes and failures.

They have The Newest Trick in the Book, Tricks in the Six, International Mystery Series, and of course The Art of Magic.

To get more information about upcoming Toronto Magic Company shows, head to

Finally, Jonah wants to send a PSA to all magicians for any of his shows: Don’t Do The Invisible Deck Trick. Or at least add something new to it.

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