This week Jonah and Tyler talk with magician Kyle Marlett about his new show Mutant Powers. Kyle explains the ins and outs of working in the world of magic and how he has become a fantastic magic consultant and creator.
Having had many years of experience in television Kyle gives a behind the scenes look at what working in the industry is really like. He also discusses what it was like working on his latest endeavour and the trials and tribulations that are involved from the show pitch to the final product. Kyle’s show Mutant Powers is presented by Mashable and Facebook Watch and can be found on the shows Facebook page with new episodes premiering every Thursday.

Consulting and Creating

Although young, Kyle has become a fantastic magician and magic consultants and has appeared on The Tonight Show, The CW channel and the Sy Fy channel among others. Kyle tells us about how he got into magic and how magicians need to adapt to things like Facebook and Instagram. He also talks about his own experiences with apps like Vine and what newer magicians need to understand about using social media. The guys talk about the idea of giving credit for tricks and the importance of putting your own style on a trick. The idea of not being a one-dimensional comic is discussed and why it’s important for younger magicians to learn more than just Instagram tricks if they are serious about being magicians. Kyle also explains how his ‘colour changing Pringles can’ trick came to be an often imitated trick by magicians on social media.

How to be original

Kyle talks about the importance of being original and not just doing the exact same thing as everyone else. The guys also discuss the importance of having your own identity and how it is difficult to have your own style if you don’t really know who you are yet. Kyle also talks about how it can be difficult to do your own thing when television producers want you to appear a certain way on screen and tells the guys why he feels his appearance is essential to the magician he is presenting himself as.
The guys discuss what it is like to be a magic consultant and Kyle explains how important it is for everyone on set to work as a team. Although people usually think of the world of television as a glamorous thing, Kyle talks about many of the difficulties that go on behind the scenes. This includes the work he has done for others as well as everything that went into making his new show Mutant Powers a reality.
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