Jonah is back with Ben Train with the Toronto Magic Company to ask him questions about how they’re handling the virtual slowdown during the summer, how they’re preparing for the future of, and what tools they’re using to run their business and coordinate with their growing team.

The Virtual Slowdown

Jonah and Ben share their feelings for the future. Will there be a future for virtual shows even after the world re-opens and returns to normal? Will some people want to keep booking and hosting virtual gigs? What about a hybrid model where you might do some in-person gigs mixed with virtual entertainment? 

Learning At Home

Ben and Jonah have had to adjust a lot after working from home for a year. How has Ben’s lifestyle and priorities changed? As things slowly go back to normal not everyone is hoping it will return to normal. So many people have adjusted to working from home and many may want to keep working from home going forward, and that means there’s still a future for virtual events. 

Tools To Run Your Business

Learning to run your business from home after a year we’ve just had has meant finding new tools. Ben and Jonah will recommend some of their favourite organization tools they’ve used to run the Toronto Magic Company, especially as they’ve had to expand the company in the past year and bring more people onto the team.

The Future of

Ben and Jonah are currently planning the next convention and today they’ll pull back the curtain on how they plan the convention and process involved in scouting and booking guests for the show. 

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