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Teaching Magic Theatre with Jeff McBride

This week Jonah connects with Jeff McBride to talk all about the theatre of magic, the phases that every magician might go through, and his thoughts on the growth of virtual magic shows

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Ben and Jonah are back to get you excited about taking beyond the final frontier… space! 

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Creating Impossible Magic Experiences with Helder Guimarães

This week Jonah connects with Helder Guimarães, a prolific magician known for bending the expectations of what a magic show is capable of.

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Tips, Tools, and Tricks of the Trade with The Toronto Magic Company

How the Toronto Magic Company is handling the virtual slowdown, the future of, and recommended tools to help run your business

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Making Magic Funny with Doc Dixon

Jonah connects with Doc Dixon to talk about comedy in magic and the work that goes into getting those laughs

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Not Taking Magic Seriously with Chris Cox

Jonah connects with Chris Cox to discuss his unique brand of mentalism, what it’s been like to go from touring every day to virtual shows at home, and why he loves magic but doesn’t find magic very interesting

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