Right now, we’re living through some scary, uncertain times. But, with everyone self-isolating, we’re flattening the curve and giving our healthcare system a fighting chance to get us back to some semblance of normal as quickly as possible. With all this time now, we should be focused on improving ourselves so that when we can come back, we can come back stronger than ever. The Discourse Team promises that in the coming weeks, we’ll have some fantastic guests to keep you occupied and thinking about your magic.
Most likely, you’ve had gigs cancel or postpone on you due to Covid-19. Jonah, and TMC, has felt the impact and sympathizes with your circumstances. While getting through this time, Jonah offers some tips to performers:

  1. Get a deposit for future shows.
  2. Book shows a few months in advance.
  3. Include a Corona Clause to keep your current clients for the future.
  4. Make gift cards so people can still support your shows now.

Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist magician, there are activities you can be doing now to take advantage of the time. Recently, Jonah sent out an email with ideas on how to spend your time. If you’re not signed up for the mailing list and would like to keep informed, you can do so here. If you missed the email, here were the ideas mentioned in the email:

  1. Learn a new trick from the material you already own.
  2. Gather your marketing material together so that when you need it, you have it all in one place.
  3. Back up your computer.
  4. Clip out some of the footage from the shows that we’re sure you’ve been recording.
  5. Have a jam session over Skype.
  6. Transcribe your act or trick to clean up your script.
  7. Build better expense management processes.
  8. Fix your website.
  9. Listen to podcast episodes you’ve set aside (or binge some of your favourite Discourse in Magic episodes).
  10. Watch some magic online. This could be on Magicana’s Screening Room, Fool Us acts, or checking out some of the Magic Castle acts magicians have posted to YouTube.

If you’re interested in joining some fans of the podcast and want to add to the discourse, you should join the Discourse in Magic Facebook group (Jonah knows. 208 episodes later and now he decides to create a place for his fans?! But! It’s here now).

At the end of the day, we’ll get through this. Don’t give up hope.
We’ll see you next Thursday.

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