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Episode 123 – Becoming an Amazing Performer with Kayla Drescher

Kayla Drescher is a fantastic magician, who really cares about character, comedy and the importance of theatre. She recently performed on  Pen & Teller’s “Fool Us” and has a new podcast, called Shezam chatting all about women in magic.

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Episode 94 – Becoming an Entertainer with David Williamson

David Williamson is an incredible comedy magician and sleight-of-hand master. He feels that he was bitten by the bug early and he had no other choice but to follow his passion.  He was totally obsessed with it from a very early age. David was painfully shy.  But he forced himself to get up on open stages at bars at the age of 15, and look at him now!

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Episode 72- A Masterclass in Comedy Magic with Harrison Greenbaum

Harrison Greenbaum is the hardest working man in comedy and magic.  His unique act has landed him slots on Last Comic Standing and America’s Got Talent.  His career started early first as a stand-up comic who occasionally used magic in his sets when the jokes weren’t landing

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Episode 60 – Magic in the Stand-up Comedy Circuit with Matt Disero

In this episode we sit down with Canadian Comedy Magic Icon Matt Disero. Matt is a hilarious Canadian comedy magician, who has made his way up through the comedy circuit.

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Episode 51 – Tools and Tips to Make Your Comedy Magic FIRE with John Archer

If you’re talking about comedy magic, there are just a few names that automatically come to mind. John Archer is one of them. Not only is his magic baffling, but he’s also absolutely hilarious. He’s known for whipping up his audience, and getting incredible moments out of the magic and the punchlines!

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Episode 16 – How to Add Comedy to Your Magic Without Hack Lines with Mark Corriea

In this Episode Mark talks about his approach to magic, and comedy from the perspective from an actor, and an expert in theatre.

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