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Episode 115 – The Internet, Creation, and Mutant Powers with Kyle Marlett

This week Jonah and Tyler talk with magician Kyle Marlett about his new show Mutant Powers. Kyle explains the ins and outs of working in the world of magic and how he has become a fantastic magic consultant and creator.

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Episode 33 – Magic Consulting and Making Your Own Inspiration with Daniel Garcia

In this perfectly timed episodes days after David Blaine’s special we have the very bright Daniel Garcia telling us about the ups and downs for consulting. Garcia consults for many of the major TV magicians including Cyril, Dynamo and of course David Blaine.

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Episode 25 – Creativity Through Self Expression Instead of Endless Resources with Mathieu Bich

If you are into creative methods for magic, than I recommend listening to this episode. Mathieu Bich turns the standard notions of creativity on their head by chatting about the process h goes through to create magic, More importantly he chat’s about the purpose of his magic creation: himself.

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Episode 24 – Why Magic is Flirtatious, and How to Treat it That Way with Daniel Fernandez

In this episode we sit down with the amazing Youtube star Daniel Fernandez. When I say amazing youtube star, I’m both referring to his 720,000+ subscribers, and his amazing videos that have me smiling, and watching to the end.

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Episode 23 – How to be Creative and Original with Methods with Chris Wiehl

In this episode we sit down with the one and only Chris Wiehl to chat about being original and creative with magic effects. If you aren’t familiar with Chris’ magic, check out any of the following tricks he’s created.

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Episode 22 – Creativity Month Introduction: Why Being Creative is So Hard

In this Episode we sit down and talk about creativity, and why it’s difficult and what our biggest struggles are. The truth is, we are also still learning how to be creative

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