In episode 68 we sit down with long time friend Jason Dean. We’ve known Jason since back in the Sorcerers Safari days, and have been pumped to get him on the show.

Jason is a rockstar magician. He is a rockstar – The drummer for Sidewise; a crazy metal band, as well as an accomplished and creative magician. Jason dives in with us to ways that you can benefit as a magician even if it isn’t your career.

It’s so important that we get value out of magic, instead of magic getting the value out of us (being exploited by the magic retailers of the world).

In this episode Jason walks us through some stories from the road, and how he’s used magic to his benefit. You can use it to meet important people, get invited to high profile events, and eventually work with your heros.

One of the major themes in the episode is to remember how amazing what we do is, and to not forget that what we do is a real gift

We also talk about the value of failure, the overlap of being in a band and being a working magician, and the question: is it harder to make it as a band or as a magician.

Jason seems to think that it’s a band, and I totally agree. My reasoning was the volume of the competition out there. His argument was it’s 6x as hard to work with a team of 6 than a team of 1.

Then we get really deep.

Have you ever struggled with multiple passions? Jason walks us through what it’s like to pick one passion over another. Sometimes it’s difficult when other people identify you as something that you stop identifying with.

“Jason the Magician” was gone, but “Jason the Drummer” was here to stay.

It was nice to talk to someone who still benefits from magic without being a full time performer. Jason Dean is someone who makes magic cool, he makes it accessible, and he wants to make a massive impact with his work.

If you haven’t yet check out his penguin Live Lecture

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