In episode 69 we sit down with cardist Anna DeGuzman to talk magic, cardistry, content creation and much much more!

Anna knows a TON about cardsitry and it’s place online. Cardistry seems to have grown alongside the growth of social media in the past few years. It was massive on Youtube (it still is), but then with the eruption of Instagram, that’s where many cardists live in a 2017 space.

Cardistry is visual, short, doesn’t requite audio, looks just as good for a camera as it does live (if not better. I think the growth of cardsitry is very tightly linked with how we consume on social media.)

Of course when we chat about magicians and social media the obvious topic of theft and crediting comes up. In this episode Anna walks us through what crediting is like in cardistry, and why it’s not frowned upon to do someones move before they released it

Cardistry is an open source art form, which allows it to grow much faster than magic. In magic there are secrets, so it grows slowly, in the backs of magic stores and pizza places.

Which is what led us to talk about content creation.

Today it’s a MUST!

Especially if you want to amass a following, or reap benefits in the online world.

Right now, so many people have sharability and virality to thank for their success.

If you want to jump into the world of cardistry check out Annas Page

Do yourself a favour and START MAKING CONTENT 🙂





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