In episode 67 we sat down with the very brilliant Michael Feldman. Michael is a full time Lawyer as well as a recognized magician. He performs and creates fantastic magic that’s as knuckle-busting as it is baffling.

We spoke to Michael about his journey in magic, specifically his unlikely path the Lawyer/ magician. With a love for creating and being on stage, and a slow reduction of free time. He decided that the best most enjoyable way to spend his few non law focused hours on magic.

First we spoke about giving and taking advice. Michael like many magicians believes it is our duty to help bad performers become better performers. It is however important that we make sure they want our feedback and criticism before we give it to them. The more bad magic we remove from this world the better all of magic becomes.

Sometimes, there are sensitive topics for magicians that might be hard to help them get better.

A fun example is magicians shuffling cards during a magic show.


No shuffling, no holding, no anything. You’re an audience member, we get that it’s your fidget spinner, but it’s just not the time.

Then we dove into the land of magic law.

[cue the Law and Order music]

To make a long story short: magic may very well be copywritable…. but you wouldn’t want to be in court trying to prove it.

Which means it’s up to us magicians to self police theft at our discretion (You can go as crazy as the Jerx protecting his book)

Finally we spoke about Michaels New book: “A New Angle”

It’s available, its beautiful, and I’m going to get one.

For more info about Michael hit up his website or Social Below






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