Jonah was invited to the Better Business with Magic podcast, to join host Nolan Webster to discuss the intersections of math and magic and how they can work for anyone who wants to improve their business skills.

Math and Magic

Math helps you in many ways and for Jonah it was all about helping with problem solving. Math has a creative nature and requires ingenuity and problem solving to come to a solution. In math you have to define your terms and plan how you will problem solve. In magic you really have to understand how to define everything that’s happening. To pull off something you need to be able to begin with the end in mind and a background in math helps build those skills.

Iterate Again 

As a magician you go on stage and do the performance and keep doing it over and over and over. After a year you’ll begin to notice that the same things will happen again over and over and over whenever you interact with the audience. Eventually you’ll be able to predict what the most likely outcomes are in seemingly random moments which you can use to figure out your best joke or your best strategy. The same thing applies to business. After enough iterations you’ll see what sticks and what doesn’t for your product.

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