This week Jonah talks about how to break into the virtual magic business. The virtual magic business is an important new wave with lots of money in it. If you’ve been listening since the pandemic hit you’ve heard Jonah get slowly more and more excited about virtual magic. In this short episode Jonah will tell you everything you need to know to launch your virtual magic business.  

The Catch 22 Paradox

If you’re interested in virtual magic shows you know that there’s a paradox when you’re trying to book shows. In order to book shows you need proof that you’ve done virtual magic shows. But in order to book your first show you need to show proof that you’ve done a virtual magic show before. So how do you show proof that you can run a virtual magic show even if you’ve never done one? Jonah will share the same strategies he’s used to fix this paradox that he’s used to get into the summer camp industry, the school business, and to start booking venues. 

Start Booking Shows

Once you’ve overcome the first hurdle and have the proof that you need it’s time to start booking your shows at low to medium prices so that you can build up real testimonials and real photos and videos. Make sure you record everything, keep screenshots, and collect your testimonials. 

Need More Help?

If you want to learn more about the things that have been working for Jonah, you can book a free fifteen minute call to talk about your virtual magic business and to see what it would be like to work together.

And of course don’t forget about, it’s the most exciting project that Jonah has ever started. A one day virtual magic convention that takes place in an 8-bit world. It’s happening on September 27th, 9am to 10pm EST, and Jonah would love for you to be there!

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