In this episode we had a blast chatting with Patrick Kun about his experiences with David Copperfield and Calen Morelli and his stance on magic online.

We spoke in great detail about something that he has put his heart into (pun intended) his valentines day series! They’re awesome videos, that I recommend you checking out.

Valentines Day Series

His first Valentines day video came out in 2011 with beautiful choreography, music, drawing and slight of hand.

In his 2012 video which he explains he had to do because fans started asking what he was going to do for it, so he knew he had to make it great. He totally delivered. He decided to tell more of a story, and it’s an awesome one. Take a look!

In 2013 his video he took the story idea one step further by making multiple endings. It’s sort of like a choose your own adventure. If u perform magic you will particularly enjoy the responses to the magic from the girl!

Finally in his last video he did something wild where he made a real interactive video with an ending that actually comes to life. As he explained it’s a trick that you give to your significant other. But then Patrick does magic to them through the screen

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For our 30 day throwback here’s episode 5 with the one and only @patrickkun talking about designing magic for the screen and stage. Let us know your thoughts. Check the description for the episode #magic #magicpodcast #magician #patrickkun #magicthrowback

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