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Stand-Up Comedy Magic with Mac King

Jonah is joined by legendary magician and comedian Mac King to talk about his life growing up with magic, blending stand up comedy with magic performance, and moving to Vegas to perform at Harrah’s Hotel.

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Living the Magic Dream with Mat Franco

Jonah is joined by Mat Franco where they get to discuss his dominating performance on America’s Got Talent, opening up a For-Real-Life show in Vegas, and knowing from an early age that Mat was destined to live his dream as a magician.

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Designing magic for the screen and the stage with Patrick Kun

In this episode we had a blast chatting with Patrick Kun about his experiences with David Copperfield and Calen Morelli and his stance on magic online. We spoke in great detail about something that he has put his heart into (pun intended) his valentines day series! They’re awesome videos, that I recommend you checking out.

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