In this episode Chris Mayhew explains how he uses improv in his magic and comedy to make it awesome!

Humble beginnings

In the start of the episode Chris talks about how he got into magic because of the Vanishing Rabbit magic shop. This is the magic shop that Chris Mayhew started learning magic alongside in Calgary. If you ever find yourself in Calgary stop by and say hey!

Calgary Alberta– In case you aren’t from Canada and are uncultured, Alberta is a Province and Calgary is a city in Alberta. It’s quite a nice place

Learning Improv

Improv is a main focus for this episode. Second City is a famous group that has produced amazing talent all over the world, check out the Second City in Toronto

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For our 30 day throwback we’re sharing this photo of the wonderful Chris Mayhew. One of the top episodes, link in description. Chris is a great friend a hilarious magician! Check him out. @chrismayhew1 #episode4 #throwback #magician #magicpodcast #mayhewmadness #magic

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