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Looking Back

It’s been almost two years since the pandemic and what a journey it’s been. And we remember that in March or April of 2020 saying that when this whole pandemic thing wraps up, when it ends, when you go back to normal, you’re going to miss the time that you had. And you’re going to wish that you would have spent a couple more hours or days working on this, or a couple more hours or days working on that.

And Jonah is here to tell you that he’s wishing that he had more time and that he did more and that he took more advantage of the downtime in the world and downtime in the business because things are getting back to normal.

In-Person Magic Is Back

Jonah is back and also in-person magic is back. All of the magic venues are sort of back putting on shows. All your favorite magicians are touring around and performing and you get to see them live. And, as well, gigs are back to in-person gigs. A lot of us were doing exclusively virtual and some people still are doing exclusively virtual while some people are doing both, but in-person gigs are back and they are happening. It’s time to take all of those ideas that have been bouncing around in your head for the last two years and put them into the world.

If you have nerves about returning to the stage and returning to performing then Jonah’s advice is to just pick the trick that you’re going to do in advance. One that you know and that you know you are going to do that way. That way you don’t have to worry about it in the moment. You know exactly what trick to show them. And you can even pick the trick based on the environment that you’re going to be in. It gives you a lot of advantage because you know exactly what you’re going to be doing. You can rehearse it and you can picture it in your mind.

Instead of you practicing every trick, you’re just practicing one trick. Don’t go out there and wing it. The more prepared you are the better and just know exactly what you’re going to do. Don’t stress yourself out about trying to do a million different things. Decide what trick is going to go with what format and make it happen. 

Gigging Is Back

And while in person magic is back, so is gigging. It’s happening slowly because we’re not in a corporate season right now but in camps, schools, resorts, fairs, festivals, company events, and restaurants… all of these places are getting ready to launch or relaunch or get things back to normal. And now is your chance to go and get a spot, a residency, something! Go reach out to some of these places. This is a really wonderful time. 

When the pandemic started, it was a really good time to put on a company’s first virtual event and do something for them virtually to help them better understand the medium. And now a lot of companies are struggling to figure out how to make their event more fun. And you may have the answers to that. So send emails to every place that you know that is reopening because they’re transitioning back to in-person. Those are great places to be reaching out to about your services. And a lot of the magicians that used to do this probably retired over the course of the pandemic so maybe there’s some room for you!

Jonah Has Your Back

If you need help getting bookings and getting gigs then send Jonah an email. The email address is And he has another group starting in a couple of weeks to help magicians grow their business and book some gigs.So if you need some help with that, then send Jonah an email. 

Welcome Back

Finally, if you live anywhere near Toronto, Jonah and Ben are back putting on live shows. They have a live show happening at Yuk Yuk’s this coming week called Hocus Jokus! It’s a comedy magic show and it is a ton of fun. So if you want to see a Jonah performance, and you live anywhere near Toronto, this is a wonderful chance and he would love to see you there.

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