This week Jonah is joined by prolific magician and prop maker, Bizzaro.

Bizzaro has been a staple in the magic world, both as a performer and as a prop maker. In this episode he and Jonah discuss building a workshop, creativity, and problem solving. 

Build It Yourself

Bizzaro has always been best when left alone to his own devices, from a kid who would always check out the same books every week from the library to the adult who makes his visions come to life by making it himself. 

Bizzaro opens up about his early days making props for friends in the magic club and discovering early on that he had a zeal for performing and just heading out and doing it. 

Each Trick Has A Story

From a glue bottle that you can drink from to a refilling oreo cookie, Bizzaro’s inventions are wonderfully weird and unique. So how does he come up with them? According to Bizzaro they all come from different places and every trick has a story. Most of the time the inception of the idea comes from the question, “wouldn’t it be fun if”? 

He shares with Jonah stories about the creations of some of his most popular tricks and offers advice on how to find that creative inspiration in your own surroundings. 

Propping Up Magicians

Along with creating escape rooms, Bizzaro is also a prolific prop maker. He offers up advice on building your own workshop and what software he’s found most useful to help design his creations. 


Endless Chain

Rudy Coby & The Shocker

What do you like about modern magic? What do you not like?

Both likes and dislikes social media magic. On one hand it’s sometimes unimaginative, too short, and not very well presented. On the other hand, it means that when the public actually gets out to see a real live magic show they are blown away because social media magic has lowered their expectations!  

Take home point

When you have an idea just make it, don’t be lazy just do it.


Bizzaro’s main website is 

His prop making site is

And if you need some escape room work done you can visit Test Subjects at

And if you want more tips on creativity, you can email Bizzaro, or find him on social media. Let him know you heard him on this podcast and he’ll send you a link to his creativity notes.

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