Today Jonah talks about how to sell tickets to your public magic show by offering up four ways that you can use to sell out your public ticketed magic show.

Tip #1: Submit to Listings

This is an easy one, an obvious one, and one that you should always be doing. submit to listings all over your city. There are journals, newspapers, online news places, places that actually have event submissions. If you search for things to do in your city you will find all of the websites that have recommendations for what to do this weekend. All of those listings accept submissions.

They’ll accept information about different ideas for what to do in your location. So if you make a list of all of the different listings or places that you can list events in your city, then it’s very, very easy whenever you launch your show. One by one, submit your show to every single listing for them to list in the things to do category, and you’re gonna get a lot of traffic from there because people are looking for what to do. People get pretty excited when they get to go see a magic show in your city, and it’s a pretty easy way for them to know about it. 

Tip #2: Share on Social Media

Maybe this seems obvious to you, but a lot of the times when people put on public shows, they post one poster or something like that, and that is it. Keep the public up to date, post posters, post photos, post videos, post information, and most importantly let them know when tickets are almost sold out. People love to buy things when they know that other people have already bought them. So as well as trying to sell your first few tickets on social media you should also be aiming to sell the last few tickets. Help encourage your audience, your fans, to actually get tickets to come and see the show. 

Plus, the people in your world really like to see the behind the scenes. How is your show getting made? How are you getting your venue? How are you getting prepared? How are you? Get people really excited about the show and get them to know the behind the scenes.

Tip #3: Run Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are great because you can target exactly the right people. You can say that you want people that are within 10 miles of a particular location or for people that are only interested in specific types of things. Whatever you’re thinking, give that a try. There’s no right or wrong answer. Some searches that Jonah likes to use are people that are interested in theater, entertainment, art galleries, magic people that like David Blaine, or people that like America’s Got Talent. A great direction to target is using search terms that sort of feel like they’re in the same realm as what you do.

If you target the right people with the right ads, and if you have all of the tracking set up correctly, then you’re gonna know how many tickets exactly are sold from your Facebook ads. 

Tip #4: Get On Local News

Send a press release telling all of the local news stations, just like you did all of the event submissions, telling them that you have a public magic show. If you give them the details, and you do it every time, then you may be surprised by who wants to bring you on their morning show. They’re always looking for fun, interesting stuff to bring on the show and magic is the most fun and interesting thing. You’ll get to perform for the hosts of the show and then you get to promote your event.

Even though young people maybe don’t watch the morning news a lot, there are still a lot of people who do. A lot of people get their news and their ideas for things to do from these programs. So reach out to things like radio shows in your city and morning shows on local tv. Send messages and tell them that you have a public show.

Follow Up With Jonah

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