Jonah is joined by FISM winner Markobi where they talk all about what it takes to win a competition, what it’s like to work with a team, and what it’s like to work alone.

Free Videos and Social Media

Markobi learned his first magic tricks from those very same free youtube channels that magicians in the industry today can’t stand. From those videos he started following the names that kept showing up in the comments and began connecting with more and more people doing anything he could to speak to magicians on social media. From there it was up to him to take the train to Paris and start meeting these magicians in person. Markobi speaks candidly with Jonah about how important those early days of networking and connection were to figuring out what kind of magician he wanted to become. 

The Road To FISM

In this conversation Markobi shares with Jonah who his inspirations were for his grand champion win at FISM 2022. He talks about what it’s like to work on a team, and some of the misconceptions you may have about what it means to be on a competition magic team, it’s a lot more alone time than you may think.

Most magicians are quick to point out that Markobi’s FISM performance is very funny for magicians and seems particularly tailored to that particular audience and environment. With Jonah, Markobi gets into the considerations he made when scripting his world champion performance and how he tailors his jokes for the audience he has. He also offers up advice on how you should handle your time at a competition you’re competing in.  

Finally, Markobi catches us up on how his life has changed post FISM. The work he’s doing now and how winning the grand prize at FISM isn’t the end of the road but just the very beginning for him.


Endless Chain

Alain Simonov 

What do you like about modern magic? What do you not like?

A lot of magicians are keeping to the basics and old techniques despite the rise and lure of modern technology. Even new discoveries are being found by studying old books and continuing old traditions of magic. Even young magicians are not forgetting about the past but looking to it for inspiration, which is very surprising.  

The importance of mentalism is very boring. It’s not always bad but everyone wants to do it and there’s a lot more bad mentalism than good mentalism. Too many mentalists are just following trends.


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