This week Jonah reveals to you what the best tool you can use to help grow your magic business. And it’s something you already own…  

The tool that Jonah is talking about is the video recording app on your smart phone.Videoing your performances is the best thing you can do for your magic. If you have video footage of your performance, you can edit it and clip it out. You can find great moments and make promo videos. You can share your videos with your clients and you can post them on social media.

The Highlight Reel

You can attract the right people to your brand by just sharing the highlights of what you do. Proof of what you do is what every single client is actually looking for to have the conviction that they need to hire you for their events. So if you’re having trouble getting clients to pay you what you want, what you deserve, or even hire you for the events that you know you’re great at, then having some incredible video footage of that event is phenomenally useful. 

Watch Your Footage

There’s another thing you can do with your recordings and this is the thing that makes your magic better and that is watching it back. The only thing that is as good at making your magic better than performing for live audiences is watching back on footage of your performances for a live audience. The person who knows what your magic needs the most is you. The person who knows what you did wrong, what you did right, and what you need to do better, is you. A lot of the time, we avoid doing the things we need to do.

Just watch the video of your performance and look at it. Sometimes it hurts, especially if you’re early in this. It hurts to watch the performance, especially if it doesn’t go the way that you want it to, but watch it, take notes, and be your own director.

Even if you’re entertaining at the highest level, if you are hiring coaches and magic consultants to help make your magic better, the last thing that you want is to show them a video of your performance and have them tell you what you already know but you did not implement because you didn’t watch back the footage and see.

So across the board, whether for your business growth or for your actual entertainment, the number one tool that you should be using all the time is the video recording app on your phone.

We hope you learned something from this episode. And if you’re busy this December, we hope this was a little tiny reminder for you to record some of your performances, especially if you don’t have a great promo video.

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