Is virtual magic ending? Are virtual magic shows going to go away? Jonah doesn’t know but he will tell you one thing, he doesn’t think they’re going to disappear because he think that’s going to be hard to get the toothpaste back in the bottle. If virtual employees keep existing, at least in some regard, so will virtual magic shows.

So, you must be thinking the question, how much longer do we have for virtual magic? What else can you do to squeeze the lemon of virtual magic and then also, what do you do to be part of the transition back to in-person events? 

In today’s Magical Appetizer, Jonah is going to tell you the answers to those questions.

How Much Time Do We Have Left?

We are now entering one year in the world of virtual magic and we don’t know how much longer is left. So, whatever thing you were thinking about doing, such as reaching out to your family, reaching out to your peers, doing some posts on social media, Jonah would recommend that you do those.

Those are the low hanging fruits. And now is one of the best times for anybody who needs this kind of entertainment and needs this kind of support. And it all happens over Zoom so you’re in a really, really good boat to be the person to serve them.

What Can We Do In The Remaining Time?

There’s only a little bit of time left and the answer to that question is to put on a ticketed virtual magic show. As somebody that put on paid virtual magic shows in person, Jonah can tell you two things.

Number one, they’re an amazing lead generator that also makes a lot of sales because people see you live and then they want to hire you.

The second thing is it’s really expensive to four-wall a theater in person but virtually it costs nothing. You’ve probably already paid for the pro Zoom account, which means it doesn’t really cost you anything to four-wall your own theater.

It’s fun, it’s awesome, and it generates leads for your email list. It generates actual sales because people see your show and if you’re good, they want to hire you for their company, for their family, for their birthday parties, for their teams. Jonah promises you, if virtual shrinks and these kinds of things go away, you are going to regret not putting on your own ticketed virtual magic show.

If you were looking for a sign. This is that sign. 

How Do We Transition Back To In-Person Events?

How do we make the transition back be seamless and not be challenging and frustrating. And the answer is to be part of our clients conversations about the transition.

Here is one sentence that you can use for the next three or four months with every single client: “Are you doing your event virtually or in person?” 

You can send that to every single past client and you can send that to prospective clients. It is an easy question for people to answer because they are planning their event. And if you play your cards right you have options to serve them for both. So if the companies or teams or schools planned a virtual event, because they didn’t know where the legislation was going to be, you’ve got a virtual event for them. If they planned an in-person event, great, you’ve got an in-person magic event for them and you can be part of the transition. Be part of your client’s transition, ask them if they’re doing the event this year in person or virtually and ask them if you can help.

Now is the time to do favors for people directly in your target market because they are going to be going through a challenging time, re-transitioning back to things being in person. Be part of the conversation and be part of the transition. Don’t wait for them to reach out to you. They’re going to be thinking of a million other things. You reach out to them and support them in the transition. That is how you’re top of mind.

What If I Need A Little More Help?

If you need a little bit more help, such as help getting bookings, growing your virtual magic, exiting virtual magic, running the systems, marketing, pricing, all of that good stuff, then feel free to send me a message to with the word “UPGRADE”. That way he’ll know that you want to know about working together. And he’ll send you all the deets.

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