Jonah and Ben are back for one more time to talk about the fifth, and final, virtual 8-bit magic convention.

They’ve been to a hotel lobby, to the Magic Land amusement park, and even to space. Now they’re taking the final event to the prehistoric past.

Thanks right, DINOSAURS. The next, and final, takes place on November 27th and 28th.

What To Expect

This has been reorganized by Ben to put jamming front and centre with more spaces set aside for attendees to jam with other attendees and for headliner guests to jam as well. With another roster of amazing guests, this is going to be a must attend event to wrap up this series of virtual conventions.

What? Why Is This The Last One?

Ben and Jonah will explain more about why this is the last convention in this episode. They had always intended to reflect and take stock of the events by November and looking back they’re confident that they’ve accomplished what they set out to do.

When started we were all in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic that had us all stuck at our homes with no events to go to, which also provided an unprecedented opportunity to invite guests from around the world participate together in an event that could never have happened at any other time before. Now, as the world is returning to normal and in-person events resume, more and more would-be guests are no longer available to spend a weekend on their laptops as they are all, thankfully, busy and getting back to performing. So, reading the writing on the wall, Ben and Jonah have decided that this next on November 27th & 28th will be the last.

Get Your Tickets Now!

If you’ve never attended, don’t put it off. This is, literally, your last chance to go. You can still get your tickets at and we’ll see you there on November 27th & 28th in the prehistoric past.

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