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Our Greatest Failures of 2020 with Ben and Jonah

Ben joins Jonah to talk about their biggest business failures of 2020, how they happened, and what they learned from those experiences.

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Magic Appetizer: Unconventional 2: Magicland

Today Jonah tells you about 2: Magicland. He’ll explain to you what this is, how it came to be, and then give you six reasons why this may be something that you want to be a part of. 

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A New Mission For The Toronto Magic Company

Jonah is joined by Ben Train, his Toronto Magic Company business partner, to offer up a glimpse of what life is like at the Toronto Magic Company, how it’s adapted to the world of virtual magic, upcoming events they’re hosting, and the lessons that he and Ben have learned after almost a full year of pivoting to the virtual.  

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