Boo Ya everybody! We made it to Episode 52! To celebrate we invited over four of our closest Toronto magic friends to talk about the Toronto magic community. Before I dive into the content of the episode I just want to thank you at home for being with us for 52 episodes! No matter if you’ve been with us for a little bit or a while, you’re part of the Discourse in Magic community and I want to thank you.

Feel free to check out the video!

In this episode we started by finding out what our guests have been up to for the past year, and what’s going on in their lives. No surprise, it seems like everyone is in the world of performing magic, or teaching magic, or both. Let’s just say. They’re all “Making It” with magic!

Pretty cool!

Mark Corriea is honing his own shows by performing non-stop, all over town. Rosemary Ried is performing, as well as teaching/directing at Conjurer Community. Chris Mayhew  just got back from a UK lecture tour, and is working on starting his show fresh, and Ben Train is working with me (Jonah) and a few others on producing TONS of shows in Toronto.

Toronto is becoming a POWERHOUSE for magic (if it wasn’t already)

For me, the Browser Bash acts as a “New Years” of sorts for Discourse in Magic. So with that we were able to chat with our friends about whats coming in the next magic year for them. We were able to get a peek into peoples heads about some crazy things coming up in the future.We also all took a moment to chat about what we’ve been up to in the last year in terms of magic. It’s important to make sure that you are always progressing and developing.

What have you done in terms of magic in the last year?

At the end of the day if this episode is going to celebrate anything let it be a celebration of the talent in this city.

Toronto is quickly becoming a hotspot for magic. If you were looking for a place to come visit, jam out, and learn something. Now is the time!

Once again, big thanks for staying with us for 52 episodes! Here’s to 52 more!

Every person that was on the episode has another episode with us. If you liked them, go check out their episode, they are some of the most downloaded episodes we have!

Ben Train

Chris Mayhew

Rosemary Reid

Mark Correia

PS. let me know if we should print the inspirational shirts that say “Be the magic podcast that you want to see in the world”

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