In episode 52 we chat with our first guest of “motivation month”. The point of the month is to give you the motivation you need to get off of your ass and start fighting gigs. They’re out there, you just have to find them.

In thus episode we interview Brian Miller, who snaps us back to reality to explain hot to book some gigs:

Thats it!

But it  takes days of hard work.

He also gave us a fantastic tip for people starting out


As Brian put it, lets say you want to advertise on google. You have to pay money for a dozens of people to see you every day. With restaurant magic they pay you for dozens of people to see you every day!

It’s a no brainer. With a good website, a good business card, and a constant flow of fresh leads (restaurants, google, email lists, phone numbers) there is no reason why you shouldn’t have gigs rolling in!

If you enjoyed Brian’s interview you might also enjoy his vlogs!

Here’s the most recent video about his upcoming tour:

Otherwise all of the gems are in the episode!

Brian packs it full of tips for magicians at many levels in their careers from those who are just starting out, to those who need just a few more gigs.

The last thing that Brian spoke about is finding your market. I think this is such an important point that magicians seem to thing doesn’t apply to them.


If you want to contact Bryan check out any of his social medias below







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