One last bite-sized episode before we return to the interviews! This week, Jonah talks about the magic of scripting and why you should seriously consider it before going on stage.

There’s a magic to memorizing your script. Not only are you able to focus on the moment, but you can listen to the audience and take in their feedback. Maybe someone says a line you know you can call back to later on. Or, someone derails your trick, you can immediately jump back into your presentation. 

There’s also a confidence you gain when you know your script. No longer are you standing off to the side, thinking about what you’re going to say. Your focus can be on your breathing and taking in the performance atmosphere.

Furthermore, having predetermined lines allows you to play with your delivery. Being able to play with your tone and volume allows you to better control the flow of your show. 

Memorizing a script allows you to explore and be confident when you go on stage. You don’t have to fumble for what to say next or panic when something goes wrong. Scripting acts as an anchor for you and gives your show a reliable longevity as you continue to grow on stage. 

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