Keep your magic taste buds ready with these quick tactics from Jonah on how to book more gigs in 2020. The interviews will be back soon with some amazing guests.

Booking Tactics:

  1. Email Marketing: Get into mailboxes! Reach out to the people in your market to let them know what you do. 
  2. Cold Calling: If you think of it as telemarketing, you’re doing it wrong. Contact the people in your market to build a personal connection with them. You’re looking to build a relationship so when the time comes, they know a magician who would be perfect.
  3. Niching Your Network: If you know your target market, scroll through your friends with your niche in mind and reach out to them to see if they have potential opportunities in mind. 
  4. Rebookings: the more organized you are, the easier this will be. Personally email the people who have booked you in the past to see if they’ll bring you back on again. 
  5. Referrals: Reach out to your past gigs to see if they can connect you to people like them. 
  6. Facebook Ads: You can target the people in your industry, view your metrics and customize your ads to better reach your market. 
  7. Google Ads: When people search for a magician in your niche, you want to be the one that comes up first in their search. 

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