This week, Jonah serves up a bite-sized episode on virtual magic shows.

With Covid-19 halting shows, some magicians have taken to performing online, a fairly radical shift in the way magic is performed. Under the Toronto Magic Company, Jonah and his business partner, Ben Train, have had the opportunity to put on multiple virtual shows, so he’s passing on some advice and tips to the listeners.

Magic is about interacting and while some aspects of performing are lost through video, others become easier. Eye contact is easier to make with everyone. No one has to sit in the back. And, on sites like Zoom, you have easy access to everyone’s name! Just hover your mouse over their image. Selecting a spectator has never been easier.

However, don’t go in with the same show you do on stage. Create a show they can interact with. Tailor it to the platform. Do the closeup card magic you can’t do on stage. Try the angle sensitive tricks that would only work on camera. You have the opportunity to get creative and push the boundaries of this new format.

Although it’s a different feeling, you can still bring joy and magic to people who want. It’s a break from everything else in their lives right now.

If you’re looking for a place to ask questions and discuss virtual magic (or anything magic), you should join the Discourse in Magic Facebook group. Jonah’s been hosting live interviews with previous guests like Garrett Thomas and Fernando Figueras.

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