Jonah returns from the wild to let you know that tomorrow, November 9 2023, he and Ben Train will be appearing for the second time on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us!


In this special magic appetizer, Jonah offers up the three biggest lessons he learned on his second appearance of Fool Us and why you should apply to appear on this show or any other.

Lesson 1: Getting Back On The Show

Jonah and Ben’s second appearance on Fool Us is a very different story than the first time last year. This time they had much less time to prepare and the trick they were rehearsing was originally designed for a different show altogether. Jonah shares what he and Ben had to do to apply to Fool Us, listen to the feedback from the producers, and modify what they were pitching so they’d be accepted back.

Lesson 2: The Week Of

Jonah and Ben made a huge mistake the week of their second appearance on Fool Us. That huge mistake was attending the Magic Live convention. It’s an amazing convention but with Fool Us on their minds neither Jonah or Ben could really enjoy the convention and with the distraction of Magic Live they weren’t able to properly prepare for their appearance on Fool Us. If he had to do it again Jonah would have made sure to keep his head clear in the week leading up to Fool Us and he offers his insight on what you should do in the final days before appearing on any show

Lesson 3: The Day Of

You might recall that last year when Jonah and Ben first appeared on Fool Us they had a stressful rehearsal where the ribbon they used around the watermelon broke. Back then the producers were calm and collected, offered some advice, and the two of them were able to successfully perform in front of Penn & Teller.

This year they thought their rehearsal went really well but this time the producers approached them with a concern that the photographs they were using, which were integral to the entire trick, were using a colour that the cameras weren’t able to capture. 


With only three hours until taping, Jonah and Ben had to scramble to create new pictures, get them printed, and all the other secret arts and crafts that had to be done to make the trick work. 


So what should you do when everything starts to go wrong just before the cameras are rolling? Jonah shares his insight on those final moments on the day of their shoot. 

This Friday!

If you want to find out if Jonah and Ben successfully fooled Penn & Teller you can watch their appearance on tomorrow’s broadcast on The CW!


Jonah will be back to recording more interviews and lessons for you in the coming months but until then if you’re thinking of applying to appear on a show like Fool Us, you should!

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