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Creating Impossible Magic Experiences with Helder Guimarães

This week Jonah connects with Helder Guimarães, a prolific magician known for bending the expectations of what a magic show is capable of.

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Three Questions To Ask Yourself with Peter Samelson

Jonah connects with Peter Samelson where he offers up three questions we can ask ourselves to make our magic scripts better.

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Not Taking Magic Seriously with Chris Cox

Jonah connects with Chris Cox to discuss his unique brand of mentalism, what it’s been like to go from touring every day to virtual shows at home, and why he loves magic but doesn’t find magic very interesting

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Using Your Face with Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez was just a kid when a friend put a lit cigarette into his fist and made it disappear. He learned how it was done and from that moment on he was in love with magic. He moved to Granada in his native Spain when he was 18 where he trained with one of the countries top magicians. He was taught the art of performance and how to create the magical moment. He didn’t teach young Luis any tricks specifically. It was all about how to perform on stage. Mario is incredibly dramatic on-stage which he says is a product of his environment. Clowns, actors and musicians are everywhere in Granada and they have all had an impact on his magic.

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Tools and Tips to Make Your Comedy Magic FIRE with John Archer

If you’re talking about comedy magic, there are just a few names that automatically come to mind. John Archer is one of them. Not only is his magic baffling, but he’s also absolutely hilarious. He’s known for whipping up his audience, and getting incredible moments out of the magic and the punchlines!

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How to Master Fringe Festivals with Keith Brown

If you’ve ever wondered how to get into a Fringe Festival, what it is, how to use it to make money and why you would want to do it, you’re in the right place.

In episode 38 Keith Brown lays it all out for us.

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