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Reinventing Your Magic with Giancarlo Bernini

This week Jonah connects with Giancarlo Bernini to talk all about his journey navigating the pandemic so soon after his major breakout in magic on Fool Us

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Making Magic Funny with Doc Dixon

Jonah connects with Doc Dixon to talk about comedy in magic and the work that goes into getting those laughs

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A Life of Magic with Teller

Jonah is joined by none other than Teller himself to discuss his history in magic, the challenges of producing Fool Us during a global pandemic, and how he views a world where every magic secret can easily be researched online.

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Reinventing Magic with Kyle and Mistie

This week Jonah is joined by the dynamic duo of Kyle and Mistie Knight

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Finding the Right Approach with Paul Gertner

Surprise! It’s a bonus episode to end your year with a little more magic.

Jonah sits down with Paul Gertner to talk about performing on TV, putting a spin on your magic, and developing a kicker. Paul is a closeup magician with an on running show in Boston; he’s also the only magician who has appeared on Fool Us three times.

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Personality, Television, and Magic Competitions with Ryan Hayashi

Jonah sits down with Ryan Hayashi this week to talk about finding a personality, magic competitions, and the ins & outs of television magic. Ryan is a hobbyist sleight-of-hand magician with a number of competition wins and television performances under his belt.

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