Ben Train returns to harass Jonah for another update from the Toronto Magic Company.  This week they discuss the winding down of virtual shows, what their first live show post-pandemic was like, how they’re planning for the future of in-person shows, how they’re consulting for other businesses, and how much fun they’re having the new teleprompter they purchased! 

Are Virtual Events Dying Down?

The story seems to be the same for every magician, virtual shows are winding down. Even for the Toronto Magic Company, Jonah and Ben have noticed a dramatic decline in bookings for virtual shows. Does this mean the end of virtual magic? Is this a harbinger of the return of regular in-person shows? Jonah and Ben discuss the exciting possibilities and remind each other what they’ve loved and learn from a year of virtual performances.

First Live Show Back

Ben and Jonah are also just back from their first live in-person show since the start of the pandemic, and it was a bachelorette party. The guys share their thoughts on what it was like to be back to in person shows and how different it feels from before. They also open up about their plans for the eventual return of in-person shows in the near future and how they’re both learning what sort of events they want to accept and which events they’ll be more comfortable turning down.

Consulting and Youtube Content

On top of the return to in-person events, Jonah and Ben have also been consulting on a bunch of different projects including TV shows, VR, music videos, and even helping to design a wedding proposal! Over the past couple of years, Jonah and Ben have worked to help solve magic problems with magicians and now they’re excited to begin working with movies or television shows to help their projects and really extend their problem solving abilities. Stay tuned to find out more about the projects they’re involved with!


And the return of in-person events doesn’t mean that things will be slowing down for Jonah and Ben on their online platforms. The Toronto Magic Company continues to produce new content on their Youtube channel and need your feedback to know what you like. They’ve tried vlogging but also scripted shows and sketches and, as you might expect, Jonah and Ben have differing opinions about what sort of content they should focus on in the future. So make sure you weigh in and leave a comment at

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