Ben and Jonah are back with the latest from the Toronto Magic Company. This week they’re returning to MagicLand and they want you to return with them. is returning for its third convention, Return To MagicLand, and is happening May 29th and 30th. 

New Experiences

If you’ve been to previous events you’ll be excited to hear that Ben has been spending the last three months building up MagicLand to be even more immersive with more secret rooms and puzzles that will allow attendees to work together to unlock real-world prizes. 

And if this is your first time you’ll be able to log in and hang out with magicians from around the world, where you can attend lectures and also walk around a virtual magic themed amusement park and meet with other attendees and jam with them just like you would at an in-person magic convention in the real-world.  

Exciting Events and Headline Lectures

Make sure to visit to see the complete list of all the amazing guests who will be appearing at Return To MagicLand. On top of the lectures, Ben has been working closely with Kevin Ho to create The Museum of Cardistry to show off the most beautiful creations in cardistry. If you’re a fellow cardist you’ll be able to appreciate all the hard work that Kevin has put into curating this special event and if you’re unfamiliar with cardistry you’re going to have your mind blown by the exhibits on display. 

Get Your Tickets Now

There’s still time to get your tickets to Return To MagicLand and Jonah is very excited to see this event grow and bring in more magicians to form an engaging community sharing their love for magic and virtual magic events.

Find out more by visiting 

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