Jonah is joined by business partner and co-founder of the Toronto Magic Company, Ben Train, to discuss the details surrounding their upcoming virtual magic convention, UnConventional.fun!

They also share stories about their past experiences with magic conventions and how vital it has been to both of their own personal journeys as magicians.

What is UnConventional.Fun?

Jonah and Ben have been running virtual events for most of 2020 and have really missed the unique connections and experiences that can only be found at magic conventions. So they got thinking about all the performers they’ve worked with in the past, and all the performers they wished they could work with but were separated by distance and conflicting schedules and figured out a way to replicate the magic convention in a virtual space.

Unlike other virtual convention experiences, the attendees at UnConventional.fun will create an 8-bit character to represent them as they move around the convention like a video game. As they approach other attendees and guests their webcams will fade up on the screen and allow them to meet and interact with them face to face. This means you can visit a table where a demonstration is happening, or hangout at the virtual bar, or go to a room where a lecture is being held, or just mingle around in the jamming space with other magicians who are in attendance.

Jonah and Ben have custom built the magic convention of their dreams, pixel-by-pixel. It promises to be thirteen hours of magic programming unlike anything you’ve ever been a part of.

Growing Up With Magic Conventions

Magic conventions have been an important part of both Jonah and Ben’s lives going back to their childhood. Jonah was spoiled by going to Magic Camp every summer, a week long magic convention, but it was after university that he began visiting more conventions more frequently. His favourite memory is visiting John Luka’s Motor City Close-Up Magic Convention and constantly jamming with amazing magicians.

Replicating The Magic of Magic Conventions

For Ben, his favourite parts of the magic convention are the gala shows and the hanging out and jamming in the lobby. This is why it was so important UnConventional.fun was more than just logging into Zoom. He needed an awesome convention where people could set up in the lobby and jam and tables between lectures and get to experience the magic convention magic that’s so important to him. 

Limited Space Available

Tickets are limited to only 300 attendees so visit UnConventional.fun right now to find out how to get involved and join in on the fun on September 27th from 9am to 10pm (EST)

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