This week Jonah is joined by sideshow and magic legend Todd Robbins. Todd has had an action packed career that has sent him around the the last of the sideshows to creating theatre productions alongside Teller to running what may be the greatest magic show that has ever existed, Speakeasy Magic at the McKittrick Hotel.

In this conversation Todd shares with Jonah how he ended up learning sideshow as a kid to eventually befriending Penn & Teller. He offers up the lessons he’s learned when creating shows for theatre and helps explain the difference between entertainment and art. 


Endless Chain

Erika Larsen, Blaise Serra, Matt Holtzclaw, & Prakash Puru 

What do you like about modern magic? What do you not like?

The greatest level of technique in the history of magic is going on right now thanks to the internet and the sharing of ideas.

There’s more magic now than there has ever been and yet it’s not making an impact that an old television special would do.

Take home point

Create something that has content. Create something that the audience hasn’t seen before.


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