This week Jonah shares three success stories from the Upgrade Academy. 

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Case Study 1: Doc Dixon

Doc Dixon is well known, you might have already seen him on Fool Us, and is absolutely incredible. But he was very nervous about getting into running a virtual business. Which is understandable! There’s no way to know, when you invest in a new project, how it’s going to pan out. So Jonah told Doc Dixon about his two-week guarantee, which means you can try everything in the program and, if it doesn’t work for you, you can get a full refund and some tacos from Jonah so that even if you didn’t get anything from the program you at least get to walk away with some tacos. Doc Dixon ended up with amazing results and while he never got those tacos he does believe that the Upgrade Academy was worth every dollar.

Case Study 2: Durgy Spade

Before the Pandemic, Durgy Spade was making his income through performing and MCing at weddings. He’s arguably the best in the biz at what he does. And then, all at once, all of his infrastructure vanished. With no more big giant weddings, Durgy needed to reinvent himself. He needed to find a new way to get the magic going and he waited, and waited, and waited, and worried he had waited too long. But he decided to go for it and joined Upgrade Academy to get the wheels moving with incredible results.

Case Study 3: Chris Wall

Over the course of the past twelve months, Chris Wall has gone through a phenomenal transition. When the pandemic began he had a website with a handful of photos and nobody was booking him, which is probably a situation that many magicians can relate to. Over the last twelve months Chris has participated in many different Upgrade Academy programs and has gone from growing his business to now being a part of the Mastermind program, trying to scale his business past making three to five thousand dollars per month. Chris will share with you some of the biggest difference makers that you can steal. 

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