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Teaching Magic Theatre with Jeff McBride

This week Jonah connects with Jeff McBride to talk all about the theatre of magic, the phases that every magician might go through, and his thoughts on the growth of virtual magic shows

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The Secrets of Rubber Band Magic with Joe Rindfleisch

This week Jonah sits down with Joe Rindfleisch to talk all about rubber band magic and hoe Joe is at the forefront of developing the language used to teach this style of magic and the classic magic he taps into to influence the new tricks he’s developing.

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Upgrade Your Magic Business with Upgrade Academy

Three success stories from the Upgrade Academy

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Translating Magic with Rafael Benatar

Rafael Benatar discusses his translations of magic masters into other languages and the secrets to memorization

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Acting, Magic, and the Importance of Performance with Steve Valentine

Jonah is joined by Steve Valentine this week to discuss acting while being a magician – and the dangers of not being taken seriously, uncovering the lost history of magic, and the importance of a presentation that transcends the trick being performed.

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Vanessa Vakharia on The Math Guru

It’s a minisode this week! Jonah recently sat down with math tutor Vanessa Vakharia on her podcast, Math Therapy, to work through his math-related traumas. If you hate math, this is the perfect podcast for you!

The following clip was pulled from Episode 3: A Mathemagical Crisis.

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