Jonah connects with magic consultant Blake Vogt. Together they walk through how to be creative, how to work with a team, and Blake shares some incredible stories from his time as a magic consultant.

Dropping School To Work In Magic

Blake loves telling the story of how he first came to learn about magic. It was at a Pizza Hut and there was a magician moving through the restaurant performing for the tables. In an instant all of Blake’s love for puzzles, performance, and problem solving crystallized into a single profession and he knew he’d never escape the magic world. 

Blake shares with Jonah his incredible personal journey that started with him walking out on class and ending up working for David Copperfield as one of his “Tinker Boys” behind the scenes. From there he’s moved around the country to consult with some of the biggest names in show business.

Embracing Bad Ideas

From working with David Copperfield and David Blane to big name acts like Kanye and Pharell and even landing on the set of Ant Man, Blake has never promised anyone a good idea. But he has promised that they would get every single one of his bad ideas. It’s his embrace of the bad idea, and never shutting up, that he’s convinced has led to some of his greatest accomplishments and breakthroughs in magic consulting.

While talking with Jonah, Blake will share with you his advice for how to break into the world of magic consulting, how to prepare to perform magic on TV, and how to be your best creative self.


Endless Chain

Mark Kalin. “He is one of the most interesting human beings alive. If you talk to him for one hour, so much crazy will come out of his    mouth that I am excited to listen to that episode”! 

What do you like about modern magic? What do you not like?

“I like how much stuff is available. Every week there is a new youtube video of a magician on tv… and I love being able to watch all that.”

“But that is also what I don’t like, because now that there is so much stuff out it becomes very hard to sift through it all.” 

Take home point

“Bad Ideas. Just the value of them and learning to not be afraid of them… almost any good idea I’ve ever heard, came from them”.


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