Jonah is back with an update on all the places he’s been since the last podcast update and brings with him some tips for you as magicians enter their busiest time of the year.

Since the last time you heard from him Jonah has been all around the world, he attended the FISM 2022 World Cup in Quebec, he’s been to Barcelona, Israel, and Chicago. He shares all about his travels, what he learned, and what he was doing in each location.

This time of year, October to December, is also the busiest time of the year for magicians. Jonah will share with you all you need to know to prepare for this period of busy business and if it would benefit you to get ready for Q4, be sure to sign up for Jonah’s workshop by signing up for the newsletter at

In the mean time make sure you follow Jonah on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to get all the latest updates and offerings that he’s creating for you on an almost daily basis!

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